Where we serve

2320 El Camino Ave
Sacramento, CA 95821

When we serve

Tuesdays from 6 to 7 PM

Last Tuesday

We served 149 plates of Tamale pie, green salad, peaches & dessert.

Service Hours

As many as half or more of our volunteers are responding to the need to satisfy a service hours requirement of a school or club. We certainly welcome all volunteers who need to keep track of their volunteer hours. You may bring in the form provided by your school or organization; however, if you do not bring your own form, Bounty has created a form that will be signed by a Captain and that certifies your participation for the hours and the date that you serve.

If you would like to receive service hours’ credit for your work at Bounty, check in with a Captain when you arrive and fill in your name and time of arrival on our standard service hours form. Then, when you leave, ask a Captain to sign the form, indicating the time you leave (and thus the time you volunteered that evening).

While you can come earlier than 5:30 and stay a bit later than 7:30, most of the serious work is accomplished during that two hour segment and therefore it is very easy to acquire two hours of service credit each evening. If you need your hours quickly, you can come as early as about 5:00 PM and help set up tables and chairs, fold napkins and forks and prepare the bread bags for giveaway after the meal. We are frequently cleaning up until about 7:30 PM so in a pinch, you can earn as many as 2.5 hours credit in one evening.