Donate Christmas 2019

The Sharing God'’s Bounty Christmas dinner, December 17, 2019 offers scores of opportunities for donations of everything from gifts ($10 value or LESS, please) to candy to toothbrushes (Yes, we get the irony). Below, you will find our remaining Christmas donation needs. If you would like to help us meet one of our Christmas donation needs, please click on its sign-up button and fill in the information requested to let us know. Then, simply bring the items you wish to donate to any Bounty dinner prior to our December 14 Christmas wrapping party. Thank you for helping us spread Christmas cheer and help those in need!

We also have a printable version of this page.

Gifts and Toys

Total needed: 2000
We have: 375
We still need: 1625

Gifts and toys for girls and boys of all ages, (infant to 16). If possible, less than $10 each. It is more useful for us to receive four $7 gifts than one $28 gift.These gifts are the foundation of the dinner giveaway, so please help if you can!

Individually Wrapped Candy

Total needed: 4000
We have: 1675
We still need: 2325

Several thousand pieces of bite size individually-wrapped candies as stocking stuffers.


Total needed: 600
We have: 60
We still need: 540

New, individually wrapped toothbrushes for the children (to use after they eat their candy!!)


Total needed: 600
We have: 85
We still need: 515

Tubes of toothpaste, any size, as stocking stuffers.

White sport socks

Total needed: 600
We have: 300
We still need: 300

Pairs of white sport socks to give to adults. We need 300 for men and 300 for women.

Knitted scarves and/or hats

Total needed: 600
We have: 35
We still need: 565

Knitted items are always a treasured gift for children about to go out into the cold.

Candy Canes

Total needed: 1000
We have: 720
We still need: 280

Individually-wrapped candy canes for each of our guests to help spread Christmas cheer!