Volunteer Christmas 2017

The Sharing God’s Bounty Christmas dinner, December 19, 2017, offers scores of opportunities for volunteers. The preceding Saturday, December 16, also holds a wrapping party during which we need dozens of volunteers. Below, you will find our current volunteer needs for this magical event. If you would like to offer your time and talent to any available position, please click on the sign-up button and fill in the information requested. You will be added to our volunteer roster, with our thanks!

We also have a printable version of this page.

Adult-child distribution teams

Total needed: 4
We have: 3
We still need: 1

Adult-child teams to distribute socks, stockings, candy canes, etc.

Present Wrappers on 12/16

Total needed: 80
We have: 59
We still need: 21

Volunteers to wrap presents on 12/16 at the Bounty Christmas Wrapping Party Extravaganza in the Saint Philomene school gym from 9 AM to 1 PM. The more, the merrier!

Present Sorters on 12/16

Total needed: 20
We have: 8
We still need: 12

Volunteers to sort presents on 12/16 from 9 to 10 AM in the Saint Philomene school gym.

Photo Pasters

Total needed: 3
We have: 2
We still need: 1

Volunteers to glue photos onto paper. These are seated volunteer positions - we like to reserve these positions for those great volunteers who may have a bit of trouble moving around the floor in other jobs Thank you!

Photo Shoot Assistant

Total needed: 2
We have: 0
We still need: 2

Volunteers to direct families to Santa for their photo shoots. No photographic, artistic, or design experience needed!

Santa's Elves

Total needed: 6
We have: 0
We still need: 6

Volunteers to be Santa's elves during Christmas dinner! (Need to put together own outfit - at least an elf hat)

Gym Decorators

Total needed: 4
We have: 1
We still need: 3

Volunteers to put up and take down Christmas lights, room decorations, table decorations, etc.

Sign Makers

Total needed: 3
We have: 0
We still need: 3

Volunteer (or team) to make signs on poster-board to direct traffic.

Veterans in Reserve

Total needed: 5
We have: 0
We still need: 5

Veteran volunteers available for last-minute jobs.

Choir Singers

Total needed: 50
We have: 17
We still need: 33

Choirs singers to carol both inside and outside the gym.. Great fun - perfect voice not necessary - Christmas spirit is necessary!!!

Final cleaner-uppers

Total needed: 15
We have: 8
We still need: 7

Dedicated volunteers to perform the final clean up of the gym, kitchen, yard, etc. after dinner. Could last until around 9:30 PM. If you can't make it to our dinner, but you still want to be a part of our Christmas dinner, this is the perfect job! It's OK to come late for this job (e.g. 8 PM or so).

Last-Minute Present Wrappers on 12/19

Total needed: 30
We have: 9
We still need: 21

Volunteers for last-minute present-wrapping on 12/19 at 4 PM.

Line Monitors (including bilingual line monitors)

Total needed: 12
We have: 4
We still need: 8

Perform the critical job of maintaining orderly progress of our guests through the Santa line. At least a third of these volunteers need to be bilingual. Need to be firm but hospitable!